Chris Ladwig is an Art Director / Graphic Designer with a focus on branding and package design.

Do Nothing App

Be good for nothing.

The holidays are for spending time with family, friends and yourself—not your phone. So we’ve created an app that encourages you to take occasional breaks from your phone during the holidays. As a reward for the time spent doing nothing on your phone, Fry Hammond Barr will go out in the world and do good on your behalf. The more breaks you take, the more good we do.

Just download the app. Start the timer. And take a break from your phone for the greater good.

Since the idea was all about unplugging from your phone, I designed the app using a minimalist approach. It's really all about the timer and social aspect so I didn't want anything else to clutter the idea or the interface.

Copywriting: Kevin Harrell

Design / UI / Art Direction