Chris Ladwig is an Art Director / Graphic Designer with a focus on branding and package design.
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Dual Packaging

Dual Family Packaging

Dual needed to refresh their family of packaging for their auto line. I gave it a much cleaner look that stripped back all of the bubbly icons that felt so outdated, and allowed the main product specs to be easily and quickly read, while cropping an over-sized image of the product on the front that wrapped around to the side panel. My thought was that if the image is cropped and the consumer wants to see the full details of the product then this begs them to pick up the package to do so. Once they've picked it up, Dual now has an immediate advantage over the other competitors product. When researching the competitors I noticed that no one was doing this sort of cropped image, so I felt it would stand apart. This also allows the product to be shown at a much larger size within the given real estate of each box, which made Dual very happy.

Packaging / Design

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