Chris Ladwig is an Art Director / Graphic Designer with a focus on branding and package design.
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Florida Beer Co.

Invitation the intimidating 

This was an event for the grand opening of the new location of the brewery in Cape Canaveral, FL for the Florida Beer Company. To fill the guest-list we reached out to both the press and locals to help spread the word. These locals were the best regulars according to the managers at some of the surrounding bars.

We decided to do a sort of Willy Wonka style invite for the event that would surprise these guests by finding out their names and then giving them their invitation (which is designed on the back of the label) when they are at the bars. The guests were totally surprised, shocked and happy. Towards the end of the invite period we also started listening on social channels to people who were talking about craft beer in the surrounding areas and would live tweet them invites with their name on mocked up on beer labels.

The naming system was to give them something that felt legendary and also had some form of alliteration to keep it fun and unexpected. By the end of the event the total of unique, different labels reached 575. It was a very long month, but I made it!

Copywriting: Kevin Harrell

Design / Packaging


Surf's up

Florida Beer released a Pumpkin Ale, but instead of the typical scary faced evil pumpkin, it made more sense for a Florida-based beer company to go in a direction that represented Florida culture. Gourd Shorts is a beach bummin' Pumpkin Ale whose mascot came to life as a rad surfer dude dressed up in a sea foam and sand color scheme.

Art Direction / Design / Packaging Typography

Illustration: Brian Boesch