Chris Ladwig is an Art Director / Graphic Designer with a focus on branding and package design.


Hubbly Bubbly


Falafel is fun.

Hubbly Bubbly is the love child of Push partner Mark Unger. He wanted his restaurant to feel fun, with bright colors and playful type, something totally unexpected of a falafel joint. I created the speech bubble with a hand done logotype inside to reflect the fresh-made daily falafel that doesn't have a uniform shape, but varies with each little one. The interiors needed to have that element of fun that Mark wanted while keeping a contemporary feel. It needed to be a place that a 20 something who's never been exposed to falafel would want to go try. The huge exterior sign is my favorite part of it all, and looks killer at night.

The "Georgie" character was illustrated by Justin Harder.

Copywriting: Kevin Harrell

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