Chris Ladwig is an Art Director / Graphic Designer with a focus on branding and package design.

Orange Blossom Brewing Co.

Honey, Coconut and lots of Hops

The Orange Blossom Brewing Co. came to Fry Hammond Barr looking for a total rebrand. The redesign of the beer labels were the first part in this process due to a manufacturing timeline. They moved away from glass bottles and in to aluminum cans and Tom, the founder, was very keen on keeping most or all of the elements that originally lived on the glass bottle labels. 

Orange Blossom Pilsner is his staple and it led the pack as far as required elements go. They are the bee, the honeycomb, honey and the OBP acronym. Since his beer is brewed with real Orange Blossom Honey, these are important in relaying the message of his unique ingredients to the consumer. I wanted to create a system in which all of these beers could live successfully as a family as well as individually. The overall aesthetic was taken from old orange crate label art. Each brew would have three reoccurring elements: The main ingredient, a sub element relating to the name and a third small element that interacts with the others. Each can design could only have a maximum of six colors in order to stay within budget.

Fun can stories written by Kevin Harrell.

Branding / Design Packaging / Typography